We are a Dutch company located within the Europoort harbor area close to the port of Rotterdam. Established in 1995 and internationally recognized by ship owners and managers for its fine workmanship and no-nonsense mindset and approach.
Throughout the world our maintenance and repair services, as well as spare part deliveries, are being used by all kind of shipping companies as well as by shore-based power plants. And we are proud to be recognized by our clients for our extensive and specialized expertise and experience when it comes to maintenance of and repairs to marine main- and auxiliary engines.

Besides our repair and maintenance services, we also offer specialist repairs of electrical equipment as well as delivery of electrical spare parts. We also refurbish and overhaul all kind of fuel equipment that is used in 2- and 4-stroke engines fuel systems, utilizing state-of-the-art test equipment.
Finally, we have a large range of new, original spare parts and high-quality OEM parts for:

Wartsila L20, L26, L32, 38A/B
MaK M20, M25, M32
Hanshin LH28, LH31, LH41, LH46, EL44, LF58

For fast and secure delivery, we keep several of these engines in stock!

Bengi also is an official dealer for The Hanshin Diesel Works Ltd. And we take great pride in the recent, formal extension of our representation agreement with The Hanshin Diesel Works Ltd. This enables us to offer our customers our professional support and technical expertise for the years to come. As before: Accurate and fast, with utmost care and always in the best interest of you, our much appreciated client!

Ben de Kok

Phone: +31 (0)6 20 49 08 07

Peter Goedemoed

Sales Manager
Phone: +31 (0)6 51 24 37 86


Monique d'Hanens

Sales support 


Monique Hartman

Office Support



Arie Dobber

Technical Manager
Phone: +31 (0)6 53 23 90 09

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Thomas Bergwerff

Financial Controller




Marinka de Kok

Office Support


Technical Staff

Arie Dobber

Technical Manager
Phone: +31 (0)6 53 23 90 09

Robert Noordzij

Technical foreman


Jos van der Vlist

Jan Biesheuvel

Martijn Wilkes



Raymond van Hulst


Hans Kupfer



Jeffrey van der Vreede

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Ton de Kok



Ben Soeteman


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Tonny Koster

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Johnny Burgzorg

Electrical Repair


Jilles Visser
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John van Mourik
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Tonny Koster




Iwe Kuitert
Jeroen van Keulen

Donny Hijnen



Roselia Guiwan

Cornelis Dobber
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Ton de Kok